About Us

Our History

Nemel Pharmaceutical Limited is an integrated research based company that is producing a range of quality affordable generic and OTC (Over the counter) drugs, trusted by healthcare professionals and patients across the country. It is an indigenous company incorporated in 2001, with RC No: 423705. Nemel aims to contribute to the enrichment of quality health around the world through the creation of innovative pharmaceutical products addressing diverse medical needs. Local and international forces continue to reshape the pharmaceutical sector as we know it. Therefore, we are deploying a Hybrid Business model to materialize our vision of becoming a great place to work where staff are inspired to be highly effective for sustainable production of quality products for the health benefit of humanity.

We will satisfy unmet medical needs as an innovative pharmaceutical company. We will also deliver comprehensive healthcare services by developing a new business model that extends beyond a conventional pharmaceutical business to world class health care outfit where people will work with optimism and happiness to create value and make a difference. We have two key duties as a member of the healthcare industry, the first is to improve our operating results and contribute to the economy. The second is to assure an active role in the healthcare system, other words, improving service delivery on pharmaceutical products. We intend to fulfil those duties to the absolute best of our ability as we earnestly do our utmost as a leading Nigeria and world-class enterprise to earn the trust of all our shareholders.

The company was born out of the need for efficient local provision of cost effective generic products with quality assurance to the teaming Nigeria population. Nemel pharmaceutical has its head office located at Emene and a branch at Trans-Ekulu, Enugu, the capital city of Enugu, South east Nigeria. The company started in the late 2001 with three (3) product lines and by 2010 the range has increased to fifteen (15) which includes a mode range of products in the analgesics, vitamins, minerals, anti-biotic, and therapeutics classes. The company is the brain child of an astute young pharmacist, Nnaemeka Ugwu, who saw huge potential in pharmaceutical industries. He is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Who We Are

We are the renowned maker of drugs and other pharmaceutical products trusted by many of the most influential health care establishments and institution in West Africa. We are an emerging company, we speak over 15 languages in more than 8 countries around the world, and we operate as one firm, engaging experts from Nemel and from our external network in our research to enhance quality of our drugs and better service delivery. We value diversity. We hire professional from different fields of academic disciplines. The richness of our background gives Nemel the range of expertise we need to handle most of the complex health problems.